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What is ami broker and how to benefit from it

What is ami broker and how to benefit from it



  • Ami broker is a potential, wide-ranging  trading system development platform
  • It has cutting edge charting and graphics coupled with powerful portfolio-level back testing, optimization, and automated walk forward validation
  • Its objective is to help investors and traders  identify profitable opportunities to buy and sell
  • It has all tools needed to chart ,test and trade stocks, mutual funds ,commodities, and Forex
  • Ami broker runs under different versions of windows like 95, 98 , millennium, 2000,NT, XP, Vista ,Windows 7
  • provides substantial additional services like support and communities for real time data information




  • Companionable  with different windows versions
  • Fast execution with Ami broker language code, multi threaded operation
  • Robust and stable for better performance
  • Multiple chart panes, line, bar, candlestick and custom or automatic selling
  • Built in indicators for Money flow index , Bollinger bands, rate of change , stochastic, commodity channel index , drag and drop tools for making it user-friendly
  • chart studying tools for figuring-out trend lines, Fibonacci retracements and Gann squares
  • formula based alerts, sounds, send email, display to screen
  • Scanning feature with reporting results
  • Back testing with optimization, user defined objective function with full monitoring
  • Validation  along with Real time Ami broker data features and good programming features



  • User- friendly tools help in identifying critical analysis for better observation unlike other complex tools
  • Downloading of data without charge
  • Ami broker examines meta stock data ten times faster than meta stock itself making it possible to open at lightning speed , moreover back testing and scanning is fast
  • Embedded with great library of codes and guides on how to use it.
  • Quick market review section which can scan the entire market, or any list of stocks to see how they acted upon
  • Data distribution is therefore fast and accurate
  • Multi-time frame  charting possibility for analyzing the technical situation very easily
  • Stock group and Watch list management , stock symbols can easily be added and moved between these groups and watch lists
  • Market screening for quick pick analysis
  • With little understanding of programming in C user’s will find the package competent of lot more than charting with proper learning support to make it easy for novice
  • Price is very reasonable with good support and communities for discussions as add-ons


In stock market it has now become indispensable to track quick market movements and analyze them with real time statistics for better investment and high margins. Ami broker data provide you with multi function enabled system to develop a fully automated fast and perfect system. With all necessary requirements akin to Fundamental & technical analysis, back testing, optimization, compatibility and affordability all are provided in a single package. Thus user can take quick and prudent decisions for highest profitable results in long run.